• Bergonzi Trio Evening Concerts:
    • Crystal Falls Tickets (purchase tickets online)
      • $25/adult, $10/youth
    • Marquette Tickets (purchase tickets online) 
      • $25/adult, $10/youth
    • Houghton Tickets (purchase tickets online)
      • Pay as you are Able ticketing structure
      • The Houghton Bergonzi Trio concert will also be live-streamed! Here is the live-stream LINK 

Tickets can be purchased for any of the above Bergonzi Trio concerts through the Rozsa Center until the day before each concert at midnight. Day-of-concert tickets can be purchased directly at the individual concert venue box offices during the hour before the show begins.

  • UPstarts! Concerts and Bergonzi Trio Children's Concerts: FREE ADMISSION
  • The UPstarts! Houghton concert Livestream Link
  • Registration links for Puppetry Workshops and Peak Performance classes can be found on our Events page.