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2023 Events


The Pine Mountain Music Festival believes that the foundation of an equitable and inclusive arts culture requires making this collaboration accessible to all. We are committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to see our concerts are able to, which is why we are enacting a "Pay as You're Able" model for all ticketed events this season. We encourage our audience members to purchase tickets at a level comfortable for them.

Ticket revenue alone doesn’t begin to cover what it costs to pay our artists, produce the festival, and prepare and staff each production, but we believe that access to the arts is a foundational human right. We encourage patrons to select a tier in line with their means. All are welcome to select the more expensive tiers, and ALL are welcome and encouraged to attend Pine Mountain Music Festival productions!

Ticket links

Individual ticket links for each show can be found in the table below. Or you can click the following links to find tickets for an event:

Live Stream Links

Performances held at MTU's Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts and McArdle Theatre will be live streamed. Individual live stream links for each show can be found in the table below.